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Giclée Prints

I often use oil pastels and soft pastel to make work about the marvellous moorland countryside surrounding my home in West Yorkshire.  


You can see how vibrant this landscape can be and these giclée prints accurately reproduce the colours and tones of my originals.

They are printed on the best quality digital fine art paper, usually 100% Cotton, Mould Made, Acid Free, Archival, Somerset Velvet paper made by St Cuthbert's Mill.

The square format is an intriguing challenge for me as the South Pennines so often present wide vistas. Here are some that I feel are successful in creating the feeling of space within a square and this pair of giclée prints continue to be popular.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Ever since I came to live in the South Pennines over 30 years ago I have been fascinated by the interplay between weather and the landscape. The sky can change so quickly from bright sunshine to crashing rain in a moment.

There is a certain kind of weather where giant clouds are rushing along, blocking out the sun and producing huge shadows on the hillsides. And in-between the darkness there are blazing patches of sunlight also swiftly travelling and transforming the colour of the land below as they pass with a flickering intensity.

All this wild and windswept weather can make working 'en plain air' - painting or drawing outside - a tricky business and only for the hardy especially in winter.

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