Golden Plover and Cotton Grass Diorama

Golden Plover and Cotton Grass Diorama


Made with woodcuts in an upcycled vintage wooden box this birdbox recreates the secret life of the Golden Plover, a wading bird that comes to the moors above Hebden Bridge in the spring to breed.


In June the Cotton Grass flowers and the skulking Plovers hide within it, running along comically before flying off if you get too close.


The Golden Plover has an unmistakeable and slightly melancholy call a bit like a slowly swinging gate that needs its hinges oiled. You can listen to it here.

  • About this diorama

    This diorama is a unique piece, custom made to fit into a found wooden box.


    Dimensions are width 46 cm x height 21 cm


    Woodcuts from a number of different blocks are printed with light-fast oil based ink on heavy weight Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper. Additional colour is added with artist quality watercolour paint.

  • Care of this diorama

    The woodcuts are fixed in the wooden box using acid free glue and conservation tape. There is no glazing. The materials are durable and as with any artwork, so long as the item is not exposed to strong sunlight or damp, it will last for very many years.


    Occasionally dust with a soft brush.