Secret Life in the South Pennines

Up on the moors there's a whole tiny world of secret life going on but you have to look carefully to see it. A Common Lizard takes in some rays on the sun-warmed rocks, the Twite makes its nest of moss and bracken, a Golden Plover feather catches in the coarse moor grass whilst a Green Hair Streak butterfly rests for a moment.The Cotton Grass bows heads to admire its own reflection in tiny pools and a Lapwing chick looks out on the wide world.

Secret Life in the South Pennines

  • Custom made to fit in this upcycled wooden tea box measuring 17 cm wide, 24 cm tall and 7.5 cm deep, this diorama contains 6 tiny scenes painted with professional watercolours on Saunders Waterford paper. The paper sculptures are attached to the box with archival conservation tape.


    The front of the box is glazed. It can be displayed open or closed.


    Please note that owing to the glazing, this artwork cannot be sent mail order and must be collected from my studio in person.