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Capturing the spirit and atmosphere of the South Pennine uplands, my work encourages deeper connections with the natural world and wild places.

I have a studio on the first floor of Linden Mill, in the West Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge. In summer I can hear the Swifts screeching as they zip past my window.


On the way home along Hebden beck I see Herons or Dippers and the occasional rare glimpse of a Kingfisher.

Most days I am fortunate to have time to go walking around the lovely Calder Valley and the hills above. The dramatic moors and changing skies are a constant source of inspiration. 


Curlews, Twites, Golden Plovers and Wheatears visit in spring and summer and have all featured in my original woodcuts and lino prints.

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Thank you for sharing your

observations so skilfully

Susan from Harrogate

I am a printmaker and a maker of drawings who also does painting and creates dioramas so I guess that makes me a 'multidisciplinary artist' as well as a 'landscape and wildlife artist'.


I often wonder how helpful these categories really are? I enjoy using a whole range of different materials to express what I want to convey through my work. The media
I use can strongly affect the look of the end result.

My woodcuts and other kinds of original prints are a different style from my drawings and paintings, though my core focus is always the same. I used to worry about this but now I feel happy to accept the broadness of mark making and quoting the artist Kiki Smith,  "I want my work to embody my inherent contradictions".

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