My work captures the spirit and atmosphere of the beautiful South Pennine uplands and encourages deeper connections with the natural world and wild places.

My art aims to evoke the sense of wonderment that experiencing nature can bring and to share explorations of untamed spaces.

Each week I make time to go walking around the Calder Valley. The dramatic moors and changing skies where curlews, larks, twites, golden plovers and lapwings can be seen are a constant source of inspiration.  

Herons on jetty 3000.jpg

I work from an upstairs studio in a former textile mill in the West Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge. I live very close to Hebden Water, a tributary of the river Calder and most days I see herons, ducks and the odd goose pass by my window on their way to their fishing spots.


My walks along the river provide me with regular sightings of dippers and very occasional glimpses of kingfishers. Wrens, wagtails and songbirds flit around in the daytime and at dusk in summer little Pipistrelle bats skim over the water.

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