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Woodcut Wildlife Prints 

This collection is mainly local birds along with some flora and fauna.

In addition to the original woodcut prints there are linoprints, mono prints and collaged relief prints. All artwork here is hand made and printed by me in my studio.

The first set of prints below put the spotlight on a rare little finch, the Twite (Linaria Flavirostris) which comes to the South Pennine moors of Yorkshire to breed during summer and will bring the essence of the moorland meadows to your room. Having worked with an RSPB project aiming to protect Twites and their habitat, I feel an affection for them and hope my art will persuade you to love them too.


If you go walking in the Upper Calder Valley like I do, you can hear and hopefully see a wide variety of lovely birds of the moors and valleys.

In my original prints here I aim to share with you the special character of each species and show you unique aspects of their habitat.

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