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Pennine Twite

Pennine Twite





A tiny Pennine Twite peeks out from foliage where he has been seeking seeds to eat. A small finch, the Twite is an endangered species as it feeds solely on seeds growing in the upland meadows of the South Pennines.



An original woodcut by Angie Rogers,  hand printed with oil based ink from a block of wood carved by the artist.


The image is printed on pale cream, acid free printing paper.


Additional colour is applied by hand using lightfast pigment.


Limited edition of 75 prints, each print is numbered and signed.


A completely hand made artwork with natural variations in printing and hand colouring.


Size of the paper is height 32 cm x  width 50 cm

Size of the printed image is  height 26 cm x  width 45 cm



Free UK postage and packaging


The print is unframed and unmounted.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.


All dimensions are approximate.

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