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Bring a mini patch of the South Pennines into your home with this sweet little Twite woodcut.

Small but perfectly formed.


Enjoy this woodcut collage and get a sense of the wild outdoor spaces where tiny lives are lived in secret.


Why is a Twite called a Twite you may ask? I believe it derives from the distinctive twit-twit call of this little bird. Twites are similar to Linnets and their name in the Welsh language is Llinos y Myndd as in Mountain Linnet. In France they are called Linotte à bec jaune - yellow beaked Linnet. 


The Twite's scientific name is Linaria Flavirostris which literally means 'yellow-billed linen weaver'

probably because they feed on flax/linen seeds and those of other small weeds. 


Hand-made original by Angie Rogers and signed by the artist.

Created from carved blocks and printed with oil-based professional printing ink on printmaking paper, tinted with watercolour, collaged with acid free glue and supported on thick watercolour paper.

Edition of 50


Free UK postage and packaging


The print is supplied unframed and without a mount.


Size of support paper is 23 cm x 26 cm
Printed image is 13 cm x 16 cm

South Pennine Twite 1

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