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A tiny denizen of the upland meadows, this sweet little Twite print will connect you to the secret wild world of the moorland birds, living high up in the Yorkshire South Pennines and quietly getting on with their lives. 


Similar to Linnets, Twites are small brown birds with subtly streaked plumage. They feed on open ground on moorland and grassland and are constantly on the look-out for suitable seeds, their only food,  often travelling around in chattering flocks. Sadly Twites are rare visitors now as their habitat is threatened by changing farming patterns.


You can tell that Twites are seed eaters because they have the typical sturdy beaks of finches. 


This small and detailed print gives you a close-up view of a Twite, one you are unlikely to get in real life as there aren't many of them and they are very wary should you be lucky enough to come across one on the moor.


Hand-made original by Angie Rogers and signed by the artist.


Created from carved blocks and printed with oil-based professional printing ink on printmaking paper, tinted with watercolour paint, collaged with acid free glue and supported on thick watercolour paper.


An edition of 50 with each print being unique and different from any other.


Free UK postage and packaging


The print is supplied unframed and without a mount.


Size of support paper is 26 cm x 24 cm
Printed image is 16.5 cm x 13 cm


A Note about packaging

Wherever possible I use recycled and repurposed cardboard sheets, boxes and other similar packaging to protect artwork I send in the mail.  I save all clean and undamaged packaging that I receive, usually from art materials supplies that I need to make my artwork. I hope you will also be able to reuse some of the packing I send and keep the repurposing cycle going.



'South Pennine Twite 2' woodcut print

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