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I see this view most days on the way home from my studio in Linden Mill. I love the mixture of houses and industrial buildings plus a space for nature too.


There's a lot of trees in Hebden Bridge so Autumn is a colourful time in the town. Terraces, Towers And Trees woodcut print includes a well-known end of terrace turret called Eiffel Tower, on Eiffel Street. It was built at the same time as the real one, no other connection. Victorian naming conventions were a little bit mad! 


I carve the image into a piece of plywood first.  Then the inked-up woodblock is printed on to beautiful Fabriano Artistico 200gsm smooth watercolour paper which is a warm white. These days I often use a Japanese baren (a small round disc of twisted fiber covered in a bamboo leaf) to print instead of a printing press, as I find it more controllable, though its hard work and you need strong arms.


The colour is added later using watercolour paint. This means I can vary the colours depending on the season or atmosphere I want to create.


The print is from a variable edition of 75 where each print is numbered and signed by me.

The size of the printed image is about 22cm x 30 cm with a 3cm margin all round for framing.


This print is sold without a frame or mount. I will happily advise on framing options if you contact me through my contact form or email.



Terraces, Towers And Trees - woodcut print

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