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Soft light and the gentle colours of twilight dominate in this artwork.  The River Calder curves through woodland on its way to Hebden Bridge and glimmers in the fading light that creates a sense of mystery and imagination.


Twilight River Calder - trace monotype is actually a one-off unique print though I have placed it in the drawings collection. A monotype is a single print made by drawing on the back of paper placed on an inked slab so all the marks are picked up from the ink and 'traced' onto the front of the paper.


The marks produced in this way have a special velvety character you can get no other way. When the ink dried I applied soft pastel pigment with a cloth to add subtle colour and highlight the river water.


Walking by water has a therapeutic effect on me and perhaps you too? I have written a blog post about this which you can find here: Walking On Water


This monotype has been drawn onto fine flexible paper without a border. It will be sent with a thicker acid-free support paper to facilitate mounting and framing and will be carefully rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube, ready to take to the framer.


If you have any questions about framing options and styles I will be happy to advise you through my form or by email on my CONTACT page


Twilight River Calder - trace monotype

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