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Giclée Prints of Charcoal Drawings

I absolutely love drawing with charcoal and often work on a large scale. A big drawing can look so impressive on a wide expanse of wall.


Not everyone has that kind of space though and as I want my work to be accessible to everyone I have made these giclée prints available.


They are more modestly sized, reproduce the deep tones of my original black and white drawings and are printed on the best quality digital fine art paper. They come complete with an off-white mount ready for framing. 

Here are some panoramic works where I've wanted to convey a strong sense of the wide vis which are so typical of the landscape above Hebden Bridge.

I usually make artwork in either square or panoramic format depending on how I envisage the mood and sense of space within a drawing or painting.

The most natural format for landscape probably is the relatively wide-angle rectangle because it reflects the way our binocular vision works.

But there are no absolute rules in art. Sometimes when you break the rules it just works and that's what keeps things interesting. 

Monochrome or Black and White?

You might be wondering what the difference is between the terms black and white or monochrome, aren't they the same?


Well actually although people often use them interchangeably, there is a clear distinction. Monochromatic artwork uses only one colour but it doesn't have to be black.


Whilst its true that just black charcoal on paper is monochrome, so is just yellow paint on canvas.

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